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Pig Wood c1889  

map of Pig Wood [Tile Hill Lane/Hawthorne Lane] c1889

The 14 acres of "Pig Wood" likely dates back to at least the 11thC - the name "Pig Wood" comes from its use for the grazing of swine/pigs. The right to graze swine on fallen acorns and Beech mast, in woodlands, was known as 'pannage'.
The Domesday Book records that there was grazing for 2,000 pigs within the Manor of Stoneleigh, which included Tile Hill and Canley.
Pig Wood has always been very dark, dense and overgrown, mixed with deciduous and coniferous wood and with a canopy of Pedunculate Oak, Lime, Scots Pine, European Larch, Norway Spruce, Silver Birch, Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Rowan, Holly, Whitebeam, and Aspen Poplar, as well as signs of new planting incl. Oak, Hornbeam and Ash . The area adjacent to Tile Hill Lane was planted in the late 19thC and adjoins the old boundary which can be clearly seen, with its deep ditch and high bank. The original gate posts leading into the wood are still preserved. Rumours have always been abundant that 'wild boar' roam the woods, hence children have usually feared to play within. 



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